How to Create the Perfect Skincare Routine

September 24, 2021

Perfect Skincare Routine

Finding the perfect skincare routine may feel like trying to find the Holy Grail—sought by many, achieved only in legend. However, finding the best skincare routine is exactly what many people are trying to do.

Part of this is a carryover from COVID. During the pandemic, many people stopped applying makeup. Without regular social engagements and expectations, there seemed to be no point.

Finally, there was an opportunity to test out all that hype about makeup clogging pores, causing breakouts, and exacerbating pre-existing skin issues. But makeup wasn't important just for beauty's sake.

Instead, humans are creatures of habit and ritual. Many people replaced their morning makeup ritual with a routine full of luxurious skincare products. It was comforting, and for many people, it was one of the few things they had control over in the face of a world gone haywire.

Another reason to quest after the perfect skincare routine is because of all the research that's coming out about toxins in our environments, the importance of SPF, and even more.

Today, people are trying to get away from breakouts, wrinkles, acne, and oily skin by treating their skin holistically. That's why we've assembled a guide to help you find the right products for your perfect skincare routine!

Remember What You're Dealing With

It's important to remember that there are a few factors that play into your perfect skincare routine. For starters, what genetics are you dealing with? 

What type of skin issues does your family deal with? What about your siblings? Whether you were gifted with clear dewy skin or a more acne-prone combination, everyone is starting from a different point.

Remember that skincare is a journey, not a destination. Sometimes, hormonal changes, diet changes, and even aging will change your skin no matter what your routine practically looks like.

Don't compare yourself to skincare models in ads, either. In ads, a model will splash some water on her face and emerge looking like a goddess. In real life, skin texture is airbrushed or Photoshopped away.

Money is also another factor in your skincare routine. We work hard to achieve the balance between high-quality products and expenses so that anyone can afford to add a boost of joy and efficacy to their routine.

With all these factors in play, it's still important to remember that effort and consistency will improve anyone's skin, especially when you're listening to experts and utilizing the right products.

Good Hygiene 

Let's start from the beginning of your day. When you're peacefully sleeping, what is happening with your skin? It depends on what steps you've taken.

If you don't sanitize your phone often, holding it up to your face can cause breakouts. Jaw and chin acne is especially difficult these days when you account for 'maskne', but a dirty phone doesn't help! 

Dirty bedsheets and pillowcases are also a common culprit for breakouts. Your skin is rubbing up against these surfaces all night, and if you don't keep things clean, your skin will suffer.

You want to put your skin in the right place to benefit from the perfect, carefully curated routine. By cleaning your linens, particularly if you have a furry friend that likes to jump on your bed and nap, you'll be putting yourself a step ahead of the game.

Stay Hydrated

You've rolled out of that cozy bed with your pristine sheets. What now? Start by drinking a full glass of water. If you want to squeeze in a little lemon juice for a detoxifying boost, go for it!

Our skin is a direct reflection of our internal health in many cases. If you're dehydrated or are eating poorly, your skin will often tell the story.

Start Your Morning Routine  

The best way to take care of your skin is to adapt your routine with morning skincare and nightly skincare. That way, you'll get the most out of your products.

Experts are divided on whether or not you should use a cleanser in the morning. The general consensus comes down to this: what's your skin type? If it's dry, splash some water over your face in the morning, and skip a more detailed cleansing step.

The best cleansers will help remove any accumulated oil from overnight. No matter how clean you keep your bedsheets, there will still be oil from your skin and hair on your pillowcase.

However, a cleanser shouldn't be harsh enough to strip all oil from your skin. Cleaners should be hydrating and fragrance-free in order to avoid any irritation or allergic reactions. Always read the ingredients carefully, and do a spot test to avoid any rashes or swelling.

When reading the ingredients list, look for things like ceramides or glycerin. These things help maintain the hydration and moisturization barrier for your skin to help protect and heal itself.


Depending on your skin type, you may want to follow up with a high-quality toner. For some people, especially if you aren't acne-prone, toner is an optional step.

If you don't have acne issues, skip this step entirely or use a hydrating toner. If you do have acne and are looking to balance out your skin's pH levels, go with a toner that has salicylic acid in it.

Depending on the concentration of salicylic acid, you can either use it on your entire face or spot-treat problem areas. If you have an oily T-zone, for instance, concentrate on the toner application here.

Vitamin C Serum 

If you're looking to add some glow, brighten dark spots, and help with acne spots, Vitamin C serum very well might be your new holy grail. It helps protect your skin from free radicals and helps reverse some of the damage accrued from being a human being living in a world where exposure to the sun and toxins is an everyday affair.

If you're doing this routine at night, go for a serum that includes hyaluronic acid, which can help keep your skin hydrated overnight.

Eye Cream 

According to most experts, eye cream is something of a luxury item. But if you tend to have puffy eyes, or are aging and see fine lines starting to form, reach for that eye cream.

Remember that undereye skin is quite sensitive. This means less is more, and there's no reason to coat the entire area. Dabbing a little bit of cream with your ring finger is more than enough to help with the formation of those wrinkles and fine lines that tend to happen when we age.

Spot Treatment 

If you're dealing with specific acne spots, save your spot treatment for the nighttime. This will give it a chance to soak in and will allow you to apply any makeup as usual during the day.

One great option for spots is hydrocolloid patches. Depending on the type of patch you select, some will be able to pull out pus from each acne spot. This will help lessen the appearance of acne and will help your skin heal much faster.

Hydrocolloid patches tend to work best for whiteheads and blackheads, and not cystic acne that many women tend to get around their period. If you choose other types of patches, some will have medicine that helps specifically target the spot you're placing it on.

This is a great step to add to your nighttime routine so you aren't walking around with little patches on your face during the daytime.


If you're applying moisturizer in the morning, try to find one that's a little lighter with SPF 30. This will keep your skin hydrated and protected throughout the day.

If your skin is dry, you may want to use a richer cream for both your day- and nighttime routines. Otherwise, stick with a light cream during the day and a richer one during the night.

Pay attention to the SPF count on your moisturizer. If it's not enough, especially considering whatever activities you have planned that day, follow it up with a separate sunscreen in a later step.


Retinoids tend to be the 'love it or hate it' of the skincare world. Some people use them to help reduce breakouts and fine lines while helping with dark spots.

For some people, retinoids irritate their skin severely. If your skin is sensitive or dry, it's probably best to skip this step. Otherwise, retinoids are a great preventative step to keep your skin looking youthful.

Retinoids should be placed in the nighttime routine category. They make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, which means you increase your risk of sunburn. Retinoids also break down when exposed to the sun, so they aren't really effective if applied during the day.


No matter if you prefer a 20-step skincare routine or just want to wash your face and move on, the best skincare routine includes sunscreen. Depending on where you live and the type of activities planned, apply SPF 30 or above.

If you're worried about a ghastly cast over your face, or that sunscreen will make breakouts worse, know that sunscreen has come a long way in recent years! Use it lightly, and pick a good brand. Those two steps can make a huge difference toward protecting all the work that you've put into your skincare routine.

Coming Up With the Perfect Skincare Routine 

The best skincare routine depends on the type of life you lead. If a routine doesn't fit into your life and your priorities, it's not perfect! 

The skincare products and routine described above are ideal for your skin health. In a perfect world, with all the time and money available to you, that's the routine we recommend.

But you may find that if it comes between perfect and done, you'll choose done every time! When it comes to taking care of your skin, something is always better than nothing.

That's why there's no shame in picking a condensed routine. You can mix and match different suggestions to fit your skin.

You may also find that your skin doesn't agree with our definition of perfect. You could buy every product on this list and follow our recommendations exactly. That doesn't mean your skin will respond exactly as you hoped.

In this case, tweak what works for you. But if you want a bare-bones recommendation that makes your life easier, we've got one.

In the morning, do a basic face wash. Then, follow it up with a high-quality day cream. With our hydration trio, we've got the perfect morning routine all outlined for you.

Once you're done with the day cream, incorporate serum as the next step for best results. This will help your skin look and feel revitalized with a noticeable glow.

The next step is retinol eye cream. Proven to reduce fine lines, this will help your under eyes look less puffy. It's a luxurious step to wrap the detailed portion of your routine.

Once you're done with these simple steps, put on some sunscreen! You're ready to tackle your day, put on makeup, or do whatever you choose!
This condensed routine works at night, too.

The night cream-serum-eye cream combination is perfect for day or night. Just switch up the products you're using to get a lighter combo during the day, and a richer one at night when you need maximum hydration.

Finding the Perfect Skincare Routine 

If we're being honest, the perfect skincare routine isn't something you find. It's something you curate over time. A good routine to preserve your skin health is highly individual, and you may find that certain combinations and products work well for you.

We believe in personalized, simple skincare. With high-quality ingredients that are clinically proven to reap great results, we've got your best interests in mind.

Getting your dream skin goes far beyond just washing your face. Instead, take the time to curate the perfect routine and products for you.

If you'd like some help finding the perfect skincare products, reach out to us today! We'd be happy to help.

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