April + Lisa = Aprisa

Hi, Welcome to Aprisa!

Aprisa is the story of two professional, multi-tasking career moms, with synergistic talents and complementary skill sets, united in one goal: to create effective, high-quality skin care products to meet the unique needs of themselves and their families..and you, too! Now that you're here, take a look around. Meet our products, see them in action, and let us know what you think.

Apral & Lisa
- Founders of Aprisa

Apral's Story

As a pharmacist in the medical field since 1995, I was determined to find an answer as to why I would continually have unexplained reactions to skincare products, foods, and environmental triggers. After several years of frustration, I was finally tested for and correctly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s. Whenever I tried and applied new skincare products, I would experience side effects including scaly rashes on my face and neck, puffy face from inflammatory process, and isolated skin breakouts.

Once I identified Hashimoto’s Disease as the cause of my skin irritation, I decided to use my vast knowledge of pharmacology, pharmaceutical compounding and my ability as a pharmacist to source high quality ingredients with proven clinical effectiveness. Determined to create products that I could use without fear of an autoimmune reaction, I would literally test potential ingredients on my own skin to see if I had a reaction prior to moving forward with any formula!

Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune diseases can cause reactions to “all natural” products, as well, so there is a balance in carefully selecting and formulating with conscientious process in the selection of synthetic ingredients as well as high-quality natural ingredients that have minimal to no fragrance.

All of Aprisa’s products have been tested personally on me - aka the human guinea pig. I love the proven clinical results on my own skin, but even more, I love not having to worry anymore about having an autoimmune reaction from my skincare products.


Results you can see

Aprisa’s Co-Founder Lisa’s son was a victim of a hit-and-run auto accident that left a profound scar on his forehead. As a mom, her natural instinct was to fix his injury. In doing so, she tried just about every product on the market. Nothing seemed to make a difference.
Armed with frustration, determination, and a fierce desire to create a product that actually works, Co-Founders Lisa and Apral decided to develop their own formula, and Aprisa Erase Gel was born. Seeing such amazing results on Lisa’s son (pictured), the two entrepreneurial moms behind Aprisa decided get down to business and send the product out for testing (microbial, clinical, stability), launching Aprisa Erase Gel as one of their flagship products. ERASE Gel is now being introduced and sold in orthopedic surgeons’ offices, MedSpas, plastic surgeons’, and dermatologist offices.