Our Story Conceptualized in 2017 and founded in 2019, Aprisa develops uniquely formulated, specialty skincare cosmetics focused on slowing the appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines, wrinkles and scarred skin, while nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Throughout our development, we have performed extensive research and tested our products with physician's offices and professional clinical control groups to deliver the greatest possible product to our customers, friends and neighbors.

At Aprisa, our background and extensive experience in the pharmacy, food and personal care industries sets us apart in the cosmetics realm. We believe that one of the most important elements of developing any cosmetic product is a thorough and concise quality and regulatory management system. With that belief, Aprisa has developed a robust, state of the art digital quality control that encompasses the core of the cosmetics industry.
Lisa's Story Aprisa's Co-Founder Lisa's son was a victim of a hit-and-run auto accident that left a profound scar on his forehead. As a mom, her natural instinct was to "fix" his scar. In doing so, she tried just about every product on the market. But nothing seemed to make a difference.

Armed with frustration, determination, and a fierce desire to create a product that actually works, Co-Founders Lisa and Apral decided to develop their own formula, and Aprisa Erase Gel was born.

Seeing such amazing results on Lisa's son (the compelling images shown here are not professional, but taken on a cell phone), the two entrepreneurial moms behind Aprisa decided to literally get down to business and send the product out for testing (microbial, clinical, stability), to launch Aprisa Erase Gel as one of their flagship products.
Apral's Story As a pharmacist in the medical field since 1995, I was determined to find the answer as to why I would continually have unexplained reactions to skincare products, foods, and environmental triggers. After several years of frustration, I was finally tested for and correctly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's.

Whenever I tried and applied new skincare products, I would experience side effects including scaly rashes on my face and neck, puffy face from the inflammatory process, and isolated skin breakouts.

Once I identified the Hashimoto's Disease as the cause of my skin irritation, I decided to use my vast knowledge of pharmacology, pharmaceutical compounding and my ability as a pharmacist to source high quality ingredients with proven clinical effectiveness.
  Determined to create products that I could use without fear of an autoimmune reaction, I would literally test potential ingredients on my own skin to see if I had a reaction prior to moving forward with any formula! Hashimoto's and other autoimmune diseases can cause reactions to "all natural" products, as well, so there is a balance in carefully selecting and formulating with a conscientious process in the selection of synthetic ingredients as well as high-quality natural ingredients that have minimal to no fragrance.

All of Aprisa's products have been tested personally on me - aka the human guinea pig. I love the proven clinical results on my own skin, but even more, I love not having to worry anymore about having an autoimmune reaction from my skincare products.
The Aprisa Difference
Clinically Tested Results
Medical-Grade Skincare
No-Impact Packaging
Natural Ingedients
Cosmetics and Ingredients

Aprisa's cosmetic products contain functionally active ingredients capable of exerting noticeable and clinically proven aesthetic changes to the skin. They are used for aesthetic purposes and are a non-invasive way to improve the appearance and feel of the skin. Aprisa has serious cosmetic solutions for people with serious skin concerns.

The best way to ensure you are getting an effective specialty cosmetic product is to choose one that contains ingredients that are backed by science. Our list of ingredients includes well-known and well-researched ingredients as well as innovative new compounds that continue to be introduced to the industry each day. Aprisa's product formulas contain high-quality, high-performance ingredients in concentrations that make a difference. Bottom line: We strive to find a balance of ingredients that have proven effectiveness plus introduce new ingredients that make scientific sense based on our clinical judgement of how they can help enrich your skin. We want to help achieve the best possible results for our customers, our friends and families.

Product and Ingredients FAQ

What does your product contain......? Why are there synthetic ingredients in your products? Are your products organic? Ethically sourced? Sustainable?

Our primary focus is to create high quality cosmetic products that are pleasant to use, and that actually work. We understand that many products on the market use questionable gimmicks or make claims about their ingredients being "all natural", organic, and other misleading or undefined terms. We also understand that some skincare products can be more hype than effect.

We know that the inclusion of certain cosmetic ingredients can be controversial at times. Many months (and often years) of research and development go into our skincare line. We carefully choose the ingredients which we feel will create a product that appropriately balances safety, quality, and cost, as well as allergy and sensitivity concerns, while providing a satisfying end-user experience. Sometimes this includes the use of ingredients that not everyone may be comfortable with for personal or world-view reasons. Unfortunately, a suitable alternative may not exist and we make the decision to use what we know will provide a safe, quality product.

Our global community faces numerous issues in these current times. Some of these issues involve the sourcing of various ingredients, ethical and organic farming and production practices, and a variety of other topics being discussed in the cosmetic and skincare industry. We always strive to obtain high quality ingredients from reputable sources, and ensure these issues are addressed. Our hope is that we can avoid having a negative impact on this world we all live in, and we continually evaluate our sources to determine if better, or more socially conscious sources are available.

We love our products the way they are, but the scientists in us are never fully content to say that they could not be further perfected. You can bet we are always keeping an eye out for ways to improve our products and the ingredients that go into them. Rest assured, we will only consider making a change if we are positive it will not alter the high quality, effective product we promise to produce, unless it is for the better. We challenge ourselves daily to create and innovate in our quest for high quality, safe, and effective products.

Are the fragrance in your products natural and safe?

The fragrances in Aprisa products are created with skin sensitivities in mind. The fragrance of our products in most cases comes from our use of natural and essential oils, which give potential skin benefits as well as natural fragrance. In some cases to enhance the product experience, we source additional high quality fragrances shown to have low potential for allergic reactions.

Are Aprisa skincare products tested on animals?

No, the founder of the company has personally tested all of the products on herself. Apral Jones has been a "guinea pig" for all of Aprisa's products.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, all of our packages are "no-impact".

Where are Aprisa skincare products made?

We make all of our products in Scottsdale, AZ.

Will Aprisa skincare products give me an allergic reaction?

While we cannot guarantee that our products will not cause an allergic reaction, all our products were formulated to keep people with skin sensitivities in mind, and to minimize potential allergic reactions.